You Are Her

Listen up Girlfriend. If you are waiting to start on that BIG DREAM of yours because you don’t have whatever “thing” you think you need to achieve before you can go after what matters…

JUST STOP. I want you to remember who you are, what is inside of you, and all that you are capable of when you focus your attention on something.

YOU ARE HER. She is you. You are already capable of achieving that dream, contributing to the lives of others and fulfilling your unique purpose. She has been quieted by the busy world around you, those who don’t support your dreams, or circumstances you think can’t be changed. You are enough.

LOVE HER. Never ever stop loving yourself…no matter what. Remember you have a unique value you bring to the world. Your worth is immeasurable. Even when darkness looms in your life, seek out the light. It is always there.

BUILD HER UP. Be your biggest cheerleader and never doubt yourself. Support and nurture your dreams. Speak kindly to yourself. Turn negatives into positives (some of the worst things that happen to us in life are the best character builders.) Stay true to yourself. Don’t let others break you down. Stand tall and stay strong. NEVER stop moving closer to your dreams.

EMBRACE HER. Yes it is time you gave yourself the stage. Make awesome happen. Do what is burning in your heart. Create the life you want for yourself, your family and the world around you. Believe in yourself and your dreams so much that you can’t tell the difference from right now and when you make your dreams a reality.

SET HER FREE. Give yourself quiet time to hear her. Unplug. She is just waiting for her chance to remind you of who you are. Silence those negative voices that say you can’t do it. Stop giving them the mental space to destroy you. Don’t give someone else the power to damage your dreams or your purpose. If you feel stuck, make a change to get freedom from it. Move into action one small step at a time, even if that first step is a leap of faith. Then keep going and never stop, even if it takes a while to bring your dreams to life. You are worth it, and so are those whose lives you impact.

Be awesome Girlfriend, because you know you are!!

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