Live With Gumption

Gumption. Say it out loud…it is almost as fun to say as giggle! Gumption means you have courage, initiative and spunk. If you are living any other way, it is time to focus on this one word to change your life. It’s time to live with gumption!

I’d like to approach living with gumption in two ways:

1. For the Single Ladies

2. For the Married Ladies


First of all, I’m sending you hugs as we don’t get them as much as married ladies do. I’ve been single for the past 7 years, so I am mindful of your needs. I’m also here to tell you it is time to Live With Gumption.

If you are waiting to get married to start your life, I suggest you get going on what you need to do to be whole on your own. Get the degree, take the job, start the business, buy the house, go on the dream vacation. There is so much to experience that waiting only causes frustration.

I’m reminded of several grown women I know who haven’t bought “real furniture” for their homes in anticipation of a future husband. Your home is your haven. It should be welcoming and bring you joy. Get that brilliantly vibrant aqua chair or those gorgeous pink fuzzy throws, hang chandeliers in every room and enjoy your surroundings. You’ll be inspired and invigorated to return home each day. (You may even find you LOVE being at home alone just as much as you love being out with friends!)

Adventures awaits you my friends. Go on them. Enjoy them. There is room enough for all of the things you want out of life before you are married…and who is to say that when Mr. Right appears, you won’t live the adventures again?


Hugs to you too! I loved being married. Being a partner was an adventure on its own and my role as co-creator was such a joy. While the elements of living with gumption are similar to what the single ladies had, the dynamic is different.

Your relationship with your spouse is ever changing. I remember years where life was vibrant and wonderful and years where I was completely lost. While my experience didn’t end well, I lived as fully as I could during my marriage. So should you.

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. You too have a great adventure to live and you need to ensure that you live them. Make your list of hopes and dreams, define what you want your adventure to be and talk to your spouse about them. Chances are they will support you and want to build those dreams with you.

And if they don’t offer support? You may need to make some modifications for growth, but don’t give up on your dreams. Sometimes it takes time to align on things…be ready for when that time comes or you may have to move on, as I did in my case. (But please stay married if you can!)


Everything comes at the right time. There is a season for everything in life. Enjoy each phase. Move confidently through each one and enjoy what is in front of you. I remember people telling me to enjoy my children when they were little. I didn’t quite grasp that concept, but oh do I know what they meant now! I remember being told that I’d have time later on to follow my passions and explore my dreams. While I get that 100% now, I wished I had started on them sooner. While I couldn’t have made the giant leaps happening now, I could have walked along my enchanted path with smaller steps.

Looking back, if I had someone telling me to live with gumption, I’d have lived more fully, enjoyed life more and brought more joy and love into the world in a greater way than I ever did. I’m here to tell you not to wait. To take small steps or big leaps. Reach for the stars…you are more powerful than you can ever imagine!

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