It’s O.K. To Love Yourself

I’ve found over the years that most people have mental blocks on loving themselves. One of the blocks is the thought that to love yourself would mean that you are selfish. This is simply not true. It’s O.K. to love yourself. It is actually more than just O.K., it is imperative to bringing all that you are meant to bring into the world.


If you think loving yourself is truly selfish, I suggest you get your hands on the book, How Full Is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath. The children’s version will do and for deeper understanding, the grown up version.

Simply stated, if you are not taking care of your mind, body and spirit, how are you able to give to others? If you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself, the chances of positive statements about others is slim. If you are neglecting your physical needs, chances are you are negative about others’ physical appearance. If you are not creating happiness for yourself, how do you create happiness for others?

It is time to stop the vicious cycle and love yourself. Here are some ideas to get you started on loving and caring for yourself:


Feed your mind with positivity and knowledge. If the world around you seems spoiled with messages that don’t uplift you turn them off.

1. Turn off the news. I’ve not watched the news in years. Who wants to watch people tear each other down or learn of the diseased behavior of the world? The news station I’d like to see is full of what is good…because there is so much good that goes un-reported.

2. Read positive books. I like to read two books at a time: a self-improvement book and a great story. I’ll alternate my readings based on my mood. There are so many uplifting books that get me charged up with positivity and love.

3. Always be learning. I for one feel stagnant and frustrated if I’m not learning and growing. There is so much knowledge at your fingertips with the Internet. Instead of browsing social media feeds, why not try a how to video on YouTube? Take the class. Read the book. Have deep conversations. The world is your oyster.


I was at the market the other night reading the ingredients of an instant food packet for potatoes that my son wanted. I decided after naming off the first ten ingredients that I needed to teach him how to take an actual potato, from the ground, to make mashed potatoes. Isn’t that what food is supposed to be?

1. Eat food that nourishes your body. You are what you eat isn’t just a silly term, it is real. If you are full of engineered food, it is likely you are full of toxins as well. If you focus on a variety of natural foods, your body will have less inflammation and you’ll feel so much better.

2. Sleep well. Your body regenerates while you sleep. If you’ve had a tough day, be sure to get some sleep to recover for the next day. If you are feeling tired, listen to what your body is telling you. Take the 20 minute nap. Get 7-8 hours each night. Let your body recover and rejuvenate.

3. Move more. I don’t care what you do to get moving…just do something. I recently purchased a stationary bike with a desk so I can do some work while I’m moving. Get a standing desk so you can alternate sitting and standing. Go outside and get some fresh air into your cells. You’ll be so glad you did!


Spirit means different things to different people, to me it pertains to your soul. What feeds your soul? Is it listening to a religious sermon? Is it meditating? Is it minding your feelings? Whatever “spirit” means to you, they are an integral part to who you are.

1. Listen to your feelings and heal yourself if needed. Tired of negative nasties in your head that make you feel awful? Clear them out. I like to keep track of how I feel each day so I can understand how to elevate my feelings. Fill your soul with inspiration, motivation and positivity. Mind the matters of your heart. Be kind to yourself.

2. I adore meditating. I have invested in hundreds of them over time. It clears mental clutter and centers me so I can feel better throughout the day. There is a big difference in my day if I start scrolling through social media feeds and e-mails instead of meditating. You owe it to yourself to set your mind free to align with what guides you.

3. If you are religious, or even spiritual without religion, when was the last time you picked up the Bible or attended a religious meeting? I always feel inspired and elevated when I do either of these activities. If you can’t physically attend services, there are so many great resources online to enjoy. Reconnect with God. He’s never far.

I could go on forever with little luxuries you can do for yourself to nurture who you are. You’ll bring so much more to life if you take care of your own needs without expecting someone else to do that for you. It isn’t selfish…it is wise…and you are worth it!

This image was taking on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, CA. The wings (I’m completely obsessed with) were painted by Colette Miller and her Global Angel Wings Project.