“I Am” Statements For Women

Our minds are powerful tools. We become what we believe. I want you to start focusing on your thoughts, in particular the thoughts you have about yourself.

I’ve created 17 “I Am” Statements to get you started with positive thinking that will help you transition out of negative thinking patterns. I’m sure you will come up with several more that are unique to your life and specific needs. Here is how:

  1. Make a list of everything great about you. If you don’t feel like you can, have one of your friends or family members give you 10 positive attributes that you are.
  2. Write them down like the images in this post. “I AM ______” Then add a small statement under it stating WHY. This why part will embed the positive thought deeper into your consciousness.
  3. Read them out loud often. Turn them into a sweet song. Post them on your bathroom mirror or frame them to sit on your desk at work. Share them on your social media networks to encourage others to do the same. You’ll find everyone could use a kick of positivity each day.

17 Positive “I Am” Statements for Women:

I am Important: I have purpose and significance in my daily life.

I am Deserving: I deserve all that my heart desires and I will always move towards what I want.

I am a Doer: I live my life with intention, purpose and constant action.

I am a Nurturer: I love and support everyone I come into contact with.

I am Courageous: I have limitless strength within me to accomplish anything.

I am so Happy that others feel happy when they are around me.

I am a Dreamer: I give attention to things that inspire and drive me.

I am Confident: I move through life knowing I can create anything, anytime, anywhere.

I am Thoughtful: I think of others continually and say and do meaningful things.

I am Hopeful: I aspire for the life I want to live and won’t settle for less.

I am Kind: It is in my nature to care for others and look for a win-win outcome.

I am Whole: I hold myself in high esteem knowing that my inner power is greater than I can comprehend.

I am Determined: My daily routine constantly brings me closer to what I want from life.

I am Sacred: I am worthy of good things and my body is my temple. I take responsibility for my own self care.

I am Passionate: I fill my life with things that fire me up and drive me to do, think and feel better.

I am a Receiver: I allow all that is good and positive into my life and feel grateful for the wonderful people and things in my life.

I am Resilient: I recover from the challenges of life with dignity and grace.

Here are some images to swipe for your own personal use. (Or you can easily make your own…but don’t wait! Get started now!)