Hello June! Mid-Year Business Planning Time!

I know what you are thinking…how can it possibly be June? Business has been awesome this year (which is wonderful) but I’ve only scratched the surface on my goals for the year. (Truth be told I’m working towards adding additional streams of income instead of focusing on just one.) It seems like the perfect time since I’m in the sweet spot for my business. It’s also the perfect time to do some mid-year business planning.

It hit me when I turned the calendar on June 1st and reviewed my goals for the year. I’d made no progress on any of them. In fact, this website was hacked and I had to bring it back to life, which put me even further behind. (After I mourned the loss of all of those fantastical posts I made in the past.)

The upside is that this website is so much better than it was before, it has fresh new functionality and each post is aligned with the purpose of Womanation…to help women around the globe master the Art of Feminine Power. I’m pretty excited about it!

Oh dear, I got off topic…back to my goals!

Instead of beating myself up for the lack of progress on my goals, I launched into a re-invigorated effort to accomplish them. As you can see I’ve posted each week, I’m active in the networks and my message is getting out into the world. Yay!!

Now let’s shift to you. Have you looked back at the goals you’ve set for the year and determined where you are? If not, I highly recommend you spend an hour reviewing what you’ve done and realigning your efforts with the outcome you seek. Here’s how:

6 Simple Steps To Mid-Year Business Planning

1. Look at your short and long term goals you’ve set for this year. (If you don’t have any, list 3 things you want to accomplish in the next 3 months and 3 more things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year.)

2. Evaluate your progress on each goal. If you haven’t completed them, how is your progress? Slow? Fast? Non-existent? Be honest with yourself, but kind if you fall short on where you think you should be.

3. Decide today that you’re going to be in alignment with your goals. Say it out loud, write it down and hang it up, journal about it, talk about it with your friends, family and maybe even your social network. You’re not going to stay where you are…you’ve got better things ahead!

4. Revamp your approach and get moving. Typically I break down each goal into action steps. Once I get the steps all laid out, I focus on just the first step. Once that step is done, I move on to the next one. (Otherwise if I looked at all of the steps, I think I’d find myself out walking on the beach looking out at the ocean feeling totally overwhelmed.)

5. Calendar when you’ll check in with your goals again. I’ve decided to take aggressive action on my goals. I’ll check in each week when I do my planning session and be sure I add the tasks to my calendar for the week.

6. Celebrate wins. I’m HUGE on celebrating life. HUGE! (Just so you know as I sat down to write this post I did a happy dance knowing I’d made it through posting regularly for the month. This is big for me.) I’ll be heading off to the sauna later to relax and clear my mind so when The Crew comes home from their Dad’s, I can be present with them. I can’t wait!

Keep bringing your dreams to life friends! You’re worth it! Progress over perfection is your aim when doing mid-year business planning!