Embrace Your Feminine Power

There are moments in your life where you feel a soft pull on your heartstrings and then there are moments where solar flares scream across the sky. For several years I’ve been surrounded by whispers of different things relating to feminine power. Ideas came in many forms ranging from awesome domain names and book titles to thought and behavior patterns. I’d pick up on feminine ways of being in books I read, movies I watched and people I came across.

The solar flare happened when I was having dinner one evening with a lovely woman going through a life transition. I’ve known her for several years but haven’t had the opportunity to get to know her well. As the conversation meandered during our visit, she reminded me of something I had forgotten…how to be treated like a lady. More importantly, how being a lady embraced Feminine Power and released Masculine Power. I was transfixed because I thought I wasn’t super masculine…oh but I really was. My gut wrenched.

I pondered this thought the entire drive home. I kept bringing to mind all of the times I had assumed the masculine role compensating for being a single Mom and an Entrepreneur. How I had turned down people doing things for me, paying for me, or helping me all in the name of, “I can do it myself.” You see I have relied on this statement from a very young age. If I wanted something, I had to do it for myself…and so I did.
I reached every goal I ever set for myself and I’ve grown and stretched beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It was then I realized just how hard I’ve had to work for things, and how life could be so much easier if I would just be open to help from others and to let my natural Feminine Power shine instead of trying to be everything to everyone. One of my dearest friends gently reminds me of this from time to time particularly when I am feeling frustrated or tired from doing it all.

I flirted with the concept of Feminine Power in a very masculine way. I saw other women leaders wearing their “hat of masculinity” and found that I didn’t connect with them. Yet here I was doing the same thing all of the time trying to win in a man’s world by masculine rules. To do things better than they did.

Hold that thought. Erase it.

The idea that we live in a man’s world and that women have to outdo them is plain silly. The way I see it, women win differently. And when we win, we shape the world in a highly impactful way.

Were we not given natural traits of leading, intuition, nurturing, empathy, and intellect? Indeed, we were. So why have so many women adapted masculine attributes of aggressiveness, competitiveness, independence and being non-emotional? Perhaps because they’ve forgotten that women don’t have to win the same way men do. Nor do women need to cut men or other women down to achieve these wins.

The Art of Feminine Power helps women win in their own brilliant way. Women can utilize their natural strengths to achieve goals, to excel and to win at life. This is a passion of mine, perhaps even my life’s work, to inspire women everywhere to embrace their Feminine Power to win differently.


How exactly can you embrace your own Feminine Power? Let go of the idea of using masculine energy when you lead others. Embrace your intuition. Be kind to others. Nurture your relationships. Build trust. Use your intellect wisely without being cunning. Build each other up. Strengthen yourself and others. Feel. Love. Succeed!

I’ll be talking a whole lot about Feminine Power in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned!