Defining Feminine Power

When I think of defining Feminine Power, it is almost as if it were a lost language. It is something that women are wired with, but can’t really articulate why they posses it or how to use it. Perhaps it is because we are trying to define Feminine Power by using masculine terms.

In masculine terms, Feminine Power is seen as a weakness. To be feminine would appear to be soft, vulnerable and possibly even powerless…but before you get upset, remove all past misconceptions of what “was” to what is.

It’s time to draw the curtain on the illusion of the masculine version of Feminine Power.

My Definition of Feminine Power

Feminine Power is living with intention. It is minding your thoughts and actions to create the best possible outcome without ulterior motives. It is lifting each other up to support who “WE” as humans are. It is inclusive not exclusive. It is building community and standing with honor together. It is celebrating wins together. It is leading by example and giving service to others. It is setting aside negativity and drama maintaining mutual respect.  It is dealing with difficult situations with dignity and grace and allowing others to do the same. It is confidently setting boundaries to nurture positive behavior patterns in others. It is choosing to live a life full of kindness, purpose and happiness.

Why Embrace Feminine Power?

Embracing your Feminine Power means following your intuition and traveling down a more powerful path. Having empathy connects us together and makes us relatable. Being kind improves relationships and begins a ripple effect of bonding individuals together and spreading happiness. By embracing Feminine Power, you become someone to know, like and trust.

Feminine Power is a way of BEING. It is who you are and what you stand for. It is tapping into the “Feminine Traits” and allowing your intuition to be your compass.

Feminine Power vs. Masculine Power

Using Feminine Power is complimentary to Masculine Power. It is every bit as powerful, just in different ways. There is balance between the tangible and the intangible. There is co-creation and respect for the other’s strengths. There isn’t need to have it all or do it all…there is joy in embracing who you are and aligning with it.

Be the heroine of your own story and embrace your natural talents and abilities. Start your journey of personal transformation to improve the world around you. You are her, the heroine full of grace and love, and she is you!